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The Winter Market is an event held in Primrose Plaza on the 10th and 24th of Winter. At one stand, Alexander sells all the goods featured on Saturday's Home Shopping ProgramSparrow sells every prepared dish in the game at another. If Bellatrix has come back to the village, she will be selling clothes from her shop at reduced prices.

Bellatrix's Stall Edit

Item Female Item Male Cost
Wool Sweater Wool Sweater 280
Midnight Drift Midday Tank 250
Sylvan Frock Forest Smock 280
Raven Flares Soil Breeches 300
Valley Dress Cloudy Drawers 270

Alexander's Stall Edit

Item Price
Blender* 230

*Blender still available even if you won it from the Harvest Festival.

See Saturday's Home Shopping Program for all sold items.

Sparrow's Stall Edit

Item Price
Plain Cake 215
Golden Omelette 230
Fried Potatoes 160
Smoky Deviled Eggs 210
Sizzling Stir-Fry 275
Fried River Salmon 120
Savory Dumplings 198
Fall Onion Rings 234
Stuffed Mushrooms 170
Corn Souffle 245
Breaded Pudding 200
Roasted Veggie Salad 240
Crunchy Toast 106
Supreme Pizza 252
Toasted Wrap 120
Apple Tea Cake 302
Seaside Sandwich 150
Eggnog Banana Bread 242
Festive Fruitcake 295
Breakfast Muffins 130
Ol' Pumpkin Pie 210
Creamy Potato Soup 208
Sweet 'N' Sour Shrimp 140
Pasta Primavera 300
Vegetable Stuffing 288
Piping Stew 270
Sliced Carrot Casserole 280
Berry Crisp 275
Spicy Winter Chili 250
Steamed Lobster 150

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