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Events Edit


Townsfolk Trivia

Winter Market

Solstice Theater

Dawn Festival

Farming Edit

Seeds are sold at Sunflower Farm.

Name Description Price Growth




Woven satchel full of Caramel Wheat seeds.

To be planted year-round.

10C 9 Days

Foraging Edit

Wild fruits, flowers and other consumables can be harvested all over Sugar Blossom.

Name Description Shipping


Milky Snowdrop Milk-white bulb resilient against the cold. Grows naturally in Winter. ??C bottom of your house; behind Eyeglass Library; bottom of Wake's shop
Frosted Lavender Hardy flowering plant a soft purple shade.

Grows naturally in Winter.

??C Left of Ben's craftshop; Primrose Plaza; near Logan's house; Backwoods
Winterberries Cluster of bright red holly berries. Wild Winter harvest. ??C Left side of your house; Left side of Wake's shop

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