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Tailor Trixie's is a clothing shop in the top right corner of West Village which sells shoes, bottoms, tops, dresses and hats. Trixie will also change your hairstyle for 10c.

Open 10am to 7pm, closed Mondays

Items for PurchaseEdit


Item Female Item Male Cost
Wool Sweater Wool Sweater 320
Midnight Drift Midday Tank ??
Sylvan Frock Forest Smock 300
Raven Flares Soil Breeches 320
Valley Dress Cloudy Drawers 300


Item Female Item Male Cost
Shade Slips Shade Slips 200
Fuzzy Snowdrops Hardy Snowboots 240


Item Female Item Male Cost
Wrist Tape Wrist Tape 150


Item Female Item Male Cost
Cherry Ribbon Cloth Sweatband 150
Beryl Bandana Bold Bandana 220
Winter Brim Winter Brim 250

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