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The Summer Market will be held twice in Summer in Primrose Plaza, on the 10th and the 24th.

Two stalls will be open at this event. Violet and Sparrow will be selling things.

Violet's stallEdit

Item Qty Buy
Geranium Planter 1 175
Spiderlily Planter 1


Bellflower Planter 1 180

Sparrow's StallEdit

Item Qty Buy
Plain Cake Recipe 1 75
Smoky Deviled Eggs Recipe  1 100
Chewy Chocolate Cookies Recipe 1 100
Vegetable Stuffing Recipe  1 80
Breakfast Muffins Recipe 1 105
Toasted Wrap Recipe 1 96

Bloom's StallEdit

Bloom's stall isn't actually open. He just wanted to know what it feels like to be a shopkeeper.

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