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The Spring Market is a seasonal event occurring twice in Spring, on the 10th and 24th.

A few shopkeepers will host stalls in the Primrose Plaza, selling rare and unique items.

Cole's StallEdit

Item Qty Buy
Gardenia's Legacy (Painting) 1 500

Black Bangles (Male Wear)

Summer Bracelets (Female Wear)

1 320
Secrets Long Forgotten (Music CD) 1 280
Oceanic Mist (Parchment) 1 300
Glass Bottle 1 340

Petal's StallEdit

Item Qty Buy
Plain Cake Recipe 1  75
Smoky Deviled Eggs Recipe 1 110
Breaded Pudding Recipe 1 100
Crunchy Toast Recipe 1  80
Breakfast Muffins Recipe 1 120 
Supreme Pizza Recipe 1  95

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