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Siloh new


Role Baker
Workplace Aroma Bakery
Home West Village
Family Sparrow
Favourite Unknown
Likes Herbal Tea
Lambent Lily
Sun Cheese
Hates Unknown

Siloh is a kind soul who struggles with an illness that keeps her in bed much of the working day. Ever since moving back to Sugar Blossom. she has started feeling better and seems to always be in high spirits. She has a very warm and generous personality and a talent for making delicious treats at the Aroma Bakery, where she lives with her brother Sparrow.


6 AM - 1 PM East Village, on the bench outside Barley and Petal's house
Tuesday, Wednesday
11 AM - 5 PM Aroma Bakery
Thursday, Sunday
11 AM - 5 PM Upstairs in Aroma Bakery
9 AM - 5 PM Eyeglass Library
9 AM - 6 PM Wild Rose Clinic

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