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Different items will be available exclusively for sale when you watch the "Feature" program on TV during Saturdays. Once you place your order, don't forget to pick it up from the Post Office a few days later!


Week Item Cost
1 Power Blender 230
2 Frying Pan 350
3 Urban Skyscape (Home Decor) 200
4 Rubber Ball 100

Summer Edit

Week Item Cost
1 Toaster Oven 400
2 Modern Runner (Home Decor) 340
3 Glass Bottle 350
4 Pearly Sunrise Parchment 230

Fall Edit

Week Item Cost
1 Floor Lamp (Home Decor) 220
2 Black Doggy Dish (Home Decor) 200
3 Modern Curtains (Home Decor) 400
4 Cardinal Bedspread (Home Decor) 600

Winter Edit

Week Item Cost
1 Hollyhock Planter (Home Decor) 380
2 Work Sleeves 220
3 Cardinal Curtains (Home Decor) 360
4 Sinker Drops Bundle 350

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