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The sage glop can be found randomly every 3 days while digging around Sugar Blossom Village with your shovel. It will quiz you and award a prize for the correct answer. Prizes can be food, drinks, livestock feed, coins and other treasures.

Questions don't repeat. Once you've answered all 20 of the sage glop's questions, digging will never bring it back.

Sage Glop Q&A (Spoilers)
Question Answer Reward
Whither dost thou calleth home? Willow Creek 80C
Which amongst is a talented painter? Amber 100C
Which name springeth not in Prophecy Quest? Samuel Barn Fodder x6
What shrine ringeth o'er the Breezy Meadow?  Maple Bauble Fizz
Which amongst dost a glass bottle holdeth not? Ground Nature Braided Ficus
How many chickens couldst feed in thy barnyard? Four Cacao Chocolate
Which amongst is depicted upon a Fortuna token? Adder Chicken Feed x8
What surname followeth Noah the farmer? Hayseed Coral Lobster
What does not befit a LockBall champion? Endurance Eden Fruit
Which program soundeth on Sunday morrow? Village Life Fireweed Sauce
Which gentle woman nameth Barley her husband? Petal Glass Bottle
Which amongst is not native to Sugar Blossom? Speckled Char Gleaming Stone x3
Whither dost Indigo labor at eventide? Midnight Tavern Golden Dawn
What name falleth to Noah's beloved? Emma Hot Spiced Milk
The town square taketh its name from which flower? Primrose Juicy Bait x5
A third rainbow ribbon dost shine in which color? Yellow Plain Cake
Whither lieth directly east of Fisherman's Spring? Oceanfront Puppy Crunchies x4
Which villager haileth from the big city yonder? Violet Sapphire
Whither prowleth the ashen fox? Backwoods Sinker Drops x3
Benjamin doth keepeth a feline by what name? Boots Sizzling Stir-Fry