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The Rose Rabbit appears on certain days after 6 pm.  It promises to share a hidden secret if you can satisfy its gluttonous appetite.


Day 3 - East Village
Day 6 - Breezy Meadow
Day 9 - Oceanfront
Day 12 - East Village
Day 15 - Breezy Meadow
Day 18 - Oceanfront
Day 21 - East Village
Day 24 - Breezy Meadow
Day 27 - Oceanfront
Requested Dishes
1. Savory Dumplings
2. Creamy Potato Soup
3. Corn Souffle
4. Steamed Lobster
5. Smoky Deviled Eggs
6. Pasta Primavera
7. Supreme Pizza
8. Sweet 'N' Sour Shrimp
9. Fall Onion Rings
10. Ol' Pumpkin Pie

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