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Midnight Tavern
Midnight tavern inside


West Village


2 pm - 12 am, closed Sundays




Brynn and Indigo



Midnight tavern

A cozy bar and an inn for visitors to the village, the Midnight Tavern serves as a warm, relaxing place to unwind in the evening. Many townsfolk socialize here.

Part-time Work Schedule Edit

You are able to work part-time here if Orion is behind the counter and it is between 5 pm and 9 pm. Your shift will end at 10 pm.

Orion is behind the counter on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Items for Purchase Edit

Name Cost
Herbal Tea 22
Bauble Fizz 27
Northern Brew 38
Spiced Rum 35
Candy Juice 28
Bounty Pulp 30

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