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Getting married is one of the most interesting things you can do in World's Dawn, and it is also a requirement for the support of Freya. Sugar Blossom Village currently has eight eligible marriage candidates, four men and four women. In order to win the heart of your chosen partner, you might need some help.


Presents are a great way to get closer to your intended. All villagers have favorite and least favorite items, and knowing what your future spouse likes is one of the first steps to success. Also make sure to ask whomever you're courting to attend festivals with you.

Misty Music FestivalEdit

It is possible to successfully ask someone to the Misty Music Festival with just one heart (it goes up to two upon successfully asking a partner). The hearts are not necessarily a measurement of what is required to succeed here---as long as you talk to your chosen partner every day, you should be fine no matter what the meter indicates. You don't even need to give gifts to receive a positive response, though of course they will help raise the meter and get you to your wedding day that much more quickly.  

Firelight FestivalEdit

You need to have at least 4 hearts in order to successfully ask someone on this date. Talking to people before and after an event will also help slightly boost their heart/ribbon level, so make sure to do this!

Warning - Once you've asked someone to a festival and they've declined, there is no way to ask them again. Make sure you're ready to ask them before you do it.



When a marriage candidate reaches 4 hearts, they'll visit you as you leave your house in the morning and confess their feelings for you. You can choose to return their feelings or reject them. You can only accept a confession from one person, when you do they are the only character you will be able to have a relationship with.


When a marriage candidate reaches 7 hearts, you will be able to propose.

Proposal Spoiler
Upon reaching 7 hearts Freya will visit your home in the morning and give you a Dawnstone. This can be given to your special someone as a proposal for marriage.

After the proposal is accepted, Seth will visit your home the following morning and announce the wedding plans. You can choose to agree with the date that Seth sets for the wedding or plan for another set date.

The WeddingEdit


Wedding to Sparrow at Maple Shrine.

The wedding will take place on a Sunday. The earliest possible date that you can marry is Autumn 8.

On your wedding day, Seth will come to your house and tells you he will find you at noon. At noon, you and your partner will get changed into your wedding clothes and exchange vows at Maple Shrine. Set wedding guests are Barley, Petal, Demetri, Paxel, your spouse's family or closest friend(s), and your dog. Also present will be the 5 villagers with your highest ribbon/heart scores who are not among the definite attendees.

After the marriage scene, there is a meeting of the guests and the newlyweds in the Midnight Tavern. Upon leaving, you and your spouse will go home to your farm in Willow Creek.

Strategies per candidateEdit

Hunter new


Talk to him daily. Purchase Wheat Bread from the Aroma Bakery, buy or mix Spiced Rum for him, and give him Luscious Oranges when they appear on the beach during the summer. Working shifts at Benjamin's Craftshop will also help.
Liam new


Talk to him daily. Keep yourself healthy. Purchase Herbal Tea from the Wild Rose Clinic and give it to him every day. (You can concoct it yourself to save money.) Working part-time at the clinic will also help.
Sparrow new


Talk to him daily. Give him Spiral Seashells. You can also purchase Cacao Chocolate from Paxel if he has any (stock up just in case) and give it to him. Working part time at the Aroma Bakery will also help.
Quint new


Talk to him daily. Give him Wild Mushrooms. Once you have a happy cow and chicken you can easily make him lots of Savory Dumplings
Annabelle new


Talk to her every day. Purchase Chewy Chocolate Cookies from the Aroma Bakery and give them to her every day. (Once you have a Toaster Oven, you can bake them yourself.) During summer, give her Eloquent Iris flowers. Working part-time at Sunflower Farm will also help.
Brynn new


Talk to her every day. Purchase or mix Bauble Fizz or Spiced Rum at the Midnight Tavern and gift these to her every day. She also likes Garden Strawberries, which can be grown in spring. Working at the Midnight Tavern will also help.
Hailey new


Talk to her every day. Pick up any Wild Mushrooms you see around Sugar Blossom and give them to her every day. If you have a happy cow or chicken, give her eggs and milk. (If you don't own a cow, you can concoct Tasty Milk using coconut milk and water.) Working at Honey Bray Pasture helps as well.
Senah new


Talk to her every day. Give her Tasty Milk or Dagger Breams.