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Marian new


Role Rancher
Workplace Pasture Shop
Home Honey Bray Pasture
Family Hailey
Favourite Smoky Deviled Eggs
Likes FresheggFresh Egg
RedpyeweedRed Pye Weed
TastymilkTasty Milk
Hates Unknown

Marian seems to have a sixth sense about what animals are feeling, and does a lot of work around town treating ailments in pets and livestock. She loves living on a small pasture in Sugar Blossom with her family and is more than content spending her days caring for their many beasts and birds. Marian is sweet, bright-eyed, and talkative.


6 PM - 12 AM Midnight Tavern                                
Thursday, Saturday
8 AM - 5 PM Working at the Pasture Shop
6 PM - 12 AM Midnight Tavern                               
5 PM - 11 PM Breezy Meadow, by the fishing spot
Sunday (rainy)
9 AM - ? Breezy Meadow, in Senah's house

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