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The LockBall Bash is the fourth unique event occurring during Summer.

Bloom's invitation Edit

Bloom, as the organizer of the LockBall Bash, will visit you on Summer Day 18 to invite you to participate.

The next day, you can go to East Village to attend.

Interactions Edit

Bloom can be seen behind a stall. Talk to him to enter the Bash.

The villagers are situated around the East Village, mostly congregating on the LockBall field. Some of them can be seen training and kicking a LockBall.

Speaking to all the villagers before and after the competition will yield differences in dialogue and a very slight boost in friendship level.

A mystery participant is said to be competing.

LockBall Bash Edit

The player competes against a number of villagers in the LockBall Bash. Once you agree to enter the tournament, Bloom will explain the rules.

Details Edit

The tournament is comprised of three rounds (three matches for the player). The winner of each match moves on to play against the next competitor.

In every match, you must score five goals in order to win. To win the championship, you must win all three matches.

Improving your LockBall skills prior to the tournament is the best way to ensure victory. Maximizing their levels is not required, but it is strongly recommended.

  • Strength (STR): Ability to shoot and tackle harder.
  • Trickery (TRI): Ability to better evade tackles.
  • Junction (JUN): Ability to lock up more efficiently.

Gameplay Edit

  • Moving/Tackling - Press the arrow keys in order to move. Press the arrow keys close to the opponent in order to perform a tackle.
  • Kicking/Scoring - Press space bar once in front of the ball in order to kick the ball further in the direction that you are facing.
  • Locking the Goal - Hold space bar just as the ball is being kicked into the goal to lock the goal and prevent the opponent from scoring. This pushes the ball away from the goal.
  • Out-of-bounds - Kicking the ball towards any of the four corners of the field will result in an out-of-bounds. The ball will be flung back a manageable distance.

Prizes Edit

If you win all three matches, Bloom will reward you with the following (some prizes are dependent on gender):

  • Female Attire: Midnight Drift, Red Skirt
  • Male Attire: Midday Tank, Loose Slacks
  • Coins: 300

Winning the LockBall Bash earns you a Mark.