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Indigo new


Role Server
Workplace Midnight Tavern
Home West Village
Family Brynn
Favourite Steamed Lobster
Likes Coral Lobster
Mirabelle Plum
Spiced Rum
Hates Unknown

Indigo is a friendly young man who works with his father at their local tavern in West Village. He is polite and can come off as shy, but quickly gets fired up when asked about his favorite drinks or sports. Indigo shares a close bond with his cousin Brynn, as their easy-going personalities seem to run in the family.


6 AM - 5 PM East Village, LockBall Court       
Tuesday, Friday
6 AM - 2 PM West Village, in front of his and Brynn's house
2 PM - 12 AM Working at Midnight Tavern           
9 AM - 12 PM West Village, in front of his and Brynn's house
12 PM - ?? Primrose Plaza, on the bench
8 PM - 12 AM West Village, at home
8 AM - 12 AM West Village, at home
6 AM - 2 PM West Village
2 PM - 11 PM Working at Midnight Tavern


The Good Stuff

Orion nearly forgot to tell Indigo about his mother having sent him some fine liquor with clear instructions to share. Indigo says that last part doesn't sound much like his mother and is suspicious that his dad might just be trying to drink some of his gift. Orion insists that it's true and that it was all written down in the letter (that he's misplaced). Indigo is amused and tells him not to embarrass himself. Not to worry, he'll share anyway. The spirit's too good to keep all to himself. Orion appreciates it and tells him not to tell his cousin. 

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