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Role Ranch Hand
Workplace Pasture Shop
Home Honey Bray Pasture
Family Marian
Favourite Golden Omelette
Likes Fresh Egg
Tasty Milk
Wild Mushroom

Hailey is an upbeat and passionate animal lover who cares for the livestock at Honey Bray Pasture with her parents. She has a competitive spirit and an inquisitive nature, and is always trying to learn and discover new things. Hailey has always wondered about the world outside of Sugar Blossom, but is happy spending her days on her family's ranch.


6 AM - 5 PM Honey Bray Pasture
6 PM - 9 PM Breezy Meadow, outside the Pasture
8 AM - 5 PM Working at the Pasture Shop                 
6 AM - 5 PM East Village, LockBall Court
6 PM - 9 PM Breezy Meadow, outside the Pasture
6 AM - 5 PM Honey Bray Pasture
6 PM - 9 PM Breezy Meadow, outside the Pasture
6 AM - 5 PM Oceanfront                                      
5 PM - 11 PM Breezy Meadow, bench near Fishing hole
6 AM - 5 PM Honey Bray Pasture                        
8 AM - 5 PM Working at the Pasture Shop
6 PM - 9 PM Breezy Meadow, outside the Pasture
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday (storm)
8: AM - 5 PM Second floor of the Pasture Shop

If it's raining on Friday, you won't be able to find Hailey. She's also not available on market days.


Cold Winters, Bright Future

Zachary is worried about Hilde the cow. Hailey hasn't been out to see her today but she hopes she's okay. Last winter was rough on her. Zachary reckons the last few winters have been getting colder. Hailey's not worried; with Zachary and Marian looking after them, Hilde and the other animals are lucky critters. Zachary's a touch embarrassed and tells Hailey she's as sweet as honey. He wants her to keep on eye on the animals too. She's the future of the farm. Hailey doesn't want to feel pressured. Zachary says she's got a lot of time to learn. He notices you and tells her to stand up straight, it looks like they've got a customer.

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