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The Firelight Festival is the third of four unique events that occur during Summer.

This event is triggered on the 14th day of Summer.

Background Edit

Amber will visit the player's home prior to the event. She will explain the history of the Firelight Festival, hinting afterwards that the player can ask someone special to attend the festival with them.

The festival is initiated after 6:00 pm at Primrose Plaza, and ends at 9:00 pm.

The player will have the ability to create a lantern to further the tradition of the Firelight Festival.

Interactions Edit

Most of the villagers can be seen situated around Primrose Plaza making a Lantern.

Speaking to all of the villagers before making the lantern will yield a dialogue pertaining to the theme of the festival and a very slight boost in friendship level with whomever the player chooses to speak with.

Violet, Quint, and Barley will present the player with some tips to aid the player in crafting a lantern that will successfully float on the river (unless Quint is the player's date).

Depending on the player's choice, their date will be standing alone in front of a lantern, ready to make the lantern.

If the player has brought a date to the Firelight Festival, talking to their date will give them the ability to continue to the lantern-making process.

Making the Lantern Edit

If the player has brought a date, the player will be given the option to make a lantern together. Paying attention to the tips given by the Sugar Blossom residents can present a well-made lantern that is able to float.

Hints Edit

There are three villagers that provide lantern-building instructions: Violet, Quint, and Barley.


"You have to fold the paper at the bottom crease, not in the middle."


"After the first fold, you have to tuck the ends into the slot on the left..."

*If Quint is the player's date he will not give the tip, but will instead make the second fold to the left himself without the player's input.


"The last thing you have to do is let the adhesive sit for precisely twenty seconds."

To create a lantern successfully, the player will need to choose the following options during the lantern-making process:

  • Bottom
  • Left
  • 20 Seconds

If the player has successfully made a lantern, the lantern will be able to float along the river.

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