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Ellie new


Role Apprentice Tailor
Home West Village
Family Bellatrix
Favourite Breaded Pudding
Likes Autumn Crocus
Darling Grapes
Hates Unknown

Ellie is a bright and energetic young girl who has lived with and apprenticed under her aunt Bellatrix ever since she was little. In that time, she's picked up many impressive skills in the fields of fashion design and hair care. She loves life in Sugar Blossom and much prefers it to the bustle of the big city where she was born.


6 AM - 7 PM Oceanfront, on the beach
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
10 AM - 7 PM Tailor Trixie's
Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
8 AM - 12 PM Fisherman's Spring, right of Bait 'N' Rod
1 PM - 6 PM Willow Creek, by the water below the player's house

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