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East Village
East village
East Village on the village map.


- Barley and Petal
- Fable
- Liam and Madison
- Alexander and Mono

Points of Interest

- Eyeglass Library
- LockBall Court
- Mono's General Shop
- Post Office
- Wild Rose Clinic

East Village is located south of Willow Creek, east of West Village, and west of Primrose Plaza. It contains the village's clinic, library, general store, post office, and lockball court, as well as Barley and Petal's house.

Overview Edit

Entering the map from Willow Creek, Barley's house is on the right and the Wild Rose Clinic is on the left. The Eyeglass Library is adjacent to the clinic. Down the road from the library is Sugar Blossom Postal Service and Mono's General Store. Finally, the Lockball Court is across the path.

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