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Barley new


Role Mayor
Workplace Town Hall
Home East Village
Family Demetri
Favourite Piping Stew
Likes Drumhead Cabbage
Mirabelle Plum
Tasty Milk

"Barley has held the position of mayor for many long, happy years. He is a kindly old soul and truly wants what's best for his townspeople. Because his body is tiring with age, he relies on his beloved wife Petal and his hard-working son Demetri to help him run village affairs. Barley is the first person to welcome you into Sugar Blossom Village."
-Village Primer

Physical Description Edit

Barely is an older man, with white hair and long white beard. His main outfit is a blue robe with an orange scarf around his neck.


Monday, Friday, Sunday
9 AM - 5 PM Town Hall
6 PM - 8 PM East Village, at home
Tuesday, Wednesday
11 AM - 5 PM Aroma Bakery
5 PM - 10 PM East Village, at home
6 AM - 5 PM East Village
5 PM - ?? Mayor's Estate                             

WeatherRainDay Sat - Aroma Bakery 11 AM - 5 PM

8 AM - ?? East Village

Trivia Edit

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