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Autumn market

The Autumn Market is an event that is held twice in Autumn in Primrose Plaza, on the 10th and the 24th. Three stalls will be open at this event. Brynn, Mono, and Wake will be selling things.

Brynn's Stall Edit

Item Buy
Herbal Tea 22
Bauble Fizz 27
Northern Brew 38
Spiced Rum 35
Areca Paste 38
Natural Salve 45
Hot Spiced Milk 50
Candy Juice 28
Pollengar Sprinkle 38
Fireweed Sauce 36
Bounty Pulp 30
Ocean Dressing 35
Season Vinaigrette 40
Thinner Syrup 38

Mono's Stall Edit

Item Qty Buy
Seasons Calendar 1 420
Ocean Runner 1 320
Country Bedspread 1 580
Royal Bedspread 1 600
Cloudy Curtains 1 340
Canary Sunrays 1 200
Rosy Sunrays 1 250

Mono does not sell the Stereo System in her stall, but if you visit her General Shop the day after the market it will be offered there at a discount (500 instead of 650).

Wake's Stall Edit

Item Buy
Inland Sunfish 18
Rainbow Trout 22
Stone Loach 42
Bluefin Tuna 24
Coastal Herring 35
Cherry Salmon 34
Dagger Bream 38
Coral Lobster 45
Freshwater Shrimp 40

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