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Alexander new


Role Shopkeeper
Workplace Mono's General Shop
Home East Village
Family Mono
Favourite Festive Fruitcake
Likes Bluefin Tuna
Red Delicious
Tropical Mango
Hates Unknown

Alexander runs the General Shop along with his wife, Mono. The couple love to bicker and joke back and forth, but it's clear to everyone how much they care about each other. A long-time resident of the village, Alexander is at times goofy and absent-minded... although he doesn't seem to realize it.


6 AM - 12 PM Outside the General Shop         
12 PM - 9 PM  Mono's General Shop
9 PM - 12 AM Midnight Tavern
6 AM - 11 PM Outside the General Shop
2 PM - 6 PM Mono's General Shop, first floor
6 PM - 12 AM Midnight Tavern
6 AM - 10 AM East Village, in front of Mono's General Shop
6 PM - 10 PM Midnight Tavern                       
6 AM - 5 PM East Village, LockBall Court  


Why did the chicken...?

  • Days: Thurs
  • Time: 7:30 PM
  • Location: Inside Mono's General Shop
  • Participants: Mono, Alexander
Alexander is practicing jokes on Mono. His chicken joke falls flat and Mono urges him to get back to work. Alexander insists on hearing what she has to say about the joke. Mono laughs and says it's his best one this week (it was still awful though).

Why did the young man...?

  • Days: Thurs of Summer
  • Time: 12:40 PM
  • Location: Inside Mono's General Shop
  • Participants: Mono, Alexander
Alexander gives another joke to Mono about a young man who cleans mirror. Mono just laugh hard at the joke and said that he didn't need to tell anymore joke today, but then he thinks that Mono is being sarcastic. Mono said that it's not true and he believes it even though it's actually true.

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